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Press Release: Betsy Rader Responds to OH-14 Filing Deadline

Betsy Rader For Congress| February 7, 2018

Novelty, OH – On Wednesday afternoon, the Lake County Board of Elections confirmed that Betsy Rader was the only Democrat to file to run in Ohio’s 14th Congressional District. Read More

Democrat running for Dave Joyce’s seat says she won’t take corporate PAC money 

The News Herald | February 5, 2018

A Democratic candidate challenging for the Ohio’s 14th District U.S. Congressional seat has announced she will not take money from corporate political action committees.  Read More

Press Release : Betsy Rader Commits to No Corporate PAC Pledge

Betsy Rader for Congress | February 5, 2018

Novelty, OH – On Monday, Betsy Rader announced that she is making a pledge not to accept money from corporate political action committees (PAC’s), citing the corrosive impact that corporate special interests have had on our democracy. Read More

Press Release : Betsy Rader Responds to Ed Board Calling Rep. Dave Joyce “Cowardly”

Betsy Rader for Congress | January 18, 2018

Novelty, OH – On Wednesday,’s Editorial Board called out Dave Joyce and other Republicans for failing to reject Donald Trump’s “bigoted remarks,” calling Joyce “cowardly.” Read More

Opinion: The op-eds that moved us in 2017

The Washington Post | December 21, 2017

I was born in poverty in Appalachia. ‘Hillbilly Elegy’ doesn’t speak for me.” by Betsy Rader

“J.D. Vance’s best-selling book about growing up poor in Appalachia continues to have an outsize influence on public debates over poverty. Rader’s piece is a compelling reminder that Vance’s experience isn’t universal, that ‘most poor people work’ and that it is always good to be cautious about drawing conclusions through anecdotes.” —James Downie, digital opinions editor Read More

Press Release: United States Senator Sherrod Brown Backs Betsy Rader for Ohio’s 14th Congressional District

Betsy Rader For Congress | November 1, 2017

Novelty, Ohio — In a major, early endorsement in one of Ohio’s top-tier congressional races, today United States Senator Sherrod Brown backed Betsy Rader in her race for Ohio’s 14th Congressional District. From taking on Wall Street, to fighting unfair trade deals that would kill jobs in northeast Ohio, Senator Brown has a long track record of standing up to powerful special interests on behalf of working families. Read more.

Press Release: Betsy Rader, Candidate for Ohio’s 14th District, Receives Endorsement from End Citizens United PAC

Betsy Rader For Congress | October 25, 2017 

Novelty, Ohio — Today Betsy Rader, candidate for United States Congress in Ohio’s 14th district, received the endorsement of End Citizens United PAC. End Citizens United is a grassroots Political Action Committee dedicated to combatting the corrosive influence of money in politics and working to support campaign finance reform to fight the harmful impact of the 2010 Citizens United Supreme Court decision. Read more.

Guest Column: When It Comes To ACA, Do No Harm | September 27, 2017

President Donald J. Trump and others made campaign promises to repeal the Affordable Care Act but also promised to replace it with something better, more affordable.  Nothing is more basic to our families than the ability to stay healthy so that we can work and enjoy our lives.  Nothing matters more than taking care of our child with diabetes, our mother with Alzheimer’s, or our spouse with cancer.  Read more.

Op-Ed: I was born in poverty in Appalachia. ‘Hillbilly Elegy’ doesn’t speak for me. | September 1, 2017

J.D. Vance’s book “Hillbilly Elegy,” published last year, has been assigned to students and book clubs across the country. Pundits continue to cite it as though the author speaks for all of us who grew up in poverty. But Vance doesn’t speak for me, nor do I believe that he speaks for the vast majority of the working poor. Read more.

Ohio Politics Roundup | July 27, 2017

EMILY’s List targets Chabot, Joyce: The powerful political action committee, which helps elect Democratic women who support abortion rights, is training its sights on unseating Ohio GOP Congressmen Dave Joyce and Steve Chabot. […] In the 14th congressional district, McDowell said EMILY’s List is “very excited” about Democratic candidate Betsy Rader and is working to help her defeat Joyce. Read more

Ohio congressional incumbents swamping rivals in money race

The Columbus Dispatch | July 17, 2017

WASHINGTON — Ohio’s congressional delegation has nearly $18 million in the bank more than a year out from the 2018 congressional mid-terms — nearly 50 times the amount that challengers have raised during that period. […] Democrat Betsy Rader of Russell Township has raised $132,166 in her bid to unseat Rep. David Joyce. Read more

Willoughby ArtsFest showcases creativity, culture

The News-Herald | July 15, 2017

The 2017 Willoughby ArtsFestwas called a success. The streets of downtown Willoughby were filled with thousands of guests on July 15. Read more

Op-Ed: The Fine Line Between The Health-Insured – And The Uninsured In America: Betsy Rader (Opinion) 

Cleveland Plain Dealer | June 30, 2017 

RUSSELL TOWNSHIP, Ohio — In the reckless rush to repeal the Affordable Care Act, leaving 22 million more Americans uninsured, Washington must remember that we are all just one bad boss or health crisis away from needing help to obtain health insurance. Read more

Press Release: Betsy Rader Denounces Congress For Sabotaging Health Care In Ohio

Betsy Rader For Congress | June 09, 2017 

RUSSELL TOWNSHIP, Ohio — Betsy Rader, candidate in Ohio’s 14th Congressional District, issued the following statement on Anthem pulling out of the exchange in parts of Ohio. Rader is challenging Rep. David Joyce, who was first elected in 2012. Read more

Betsy Rader, Wife of Veteran Promo Rep Dave Watson, To Run For Congress In Ohio 
All Access Music Group | May 18, 2017

BETSY RADER, married to longtime CLEVELAND-based radio promotion rep DAVE WATSON, has announced her candidacy for U.S. CONGRESS in OHIO DISTRICT 14.  She is running on a platform for WASHINGTON to “put people first and to give ordinary people a voice in government.” Read more

Rader to run for Ohio’s 14th seat
Stow Sentry | April 29, 2017
Driven to affect change in Washington, D.C. on behalf of “ordinary folks,” employment attorney Betsy Rader (D) has announced her bid for Congress for Ohio’s 14th District, currently held by incumbent Rep. David Joyce (R, Ohio-14). Read more

Russell: Betsy Rader to run for Congress

Chagrin Valley Today | April 24, 2017

Russell resident Betsy Rader announced this week she will run for the seat in Ohio’s 14th Congressional District. The election is in November of 2018. Read more

Democrat Betsy Rader will seek to challenge US Rep. Dave Joyce | April 19, 2017
Geauga County employment attorney Betsy Rader announced Wednesday that she’s running to try to unseat Republican Rep. David Joyce in Ohio’s 14th congressional district. Read more

Daily Kos Elections Live Digest: 4/19

Daily Kos | April 19, 2017

OH-14: Three-term Rep. David Joyce doesn’t typically appear on lists of the most vulnerable Republican incumbents in 2018 after he won by 63-37 in 2016, but Democratic attorney Betsy Rader announced on Wednesday that she would oppose him. Read more

Press Release: Betsy Rader Announces Bid For Congress In Ohio’s 14th District
Betsy Rader For Congress | April 19, 2017
Today, local employment attorney and mother of three, Betsy Rader, announces her bid for Congress in Ohio’s 14th District. Rader brings 30 years of legal experience to the table, including advocacy for workers’ and children’s rights. Read more

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