Solving the Opioid Crisis

Solving the Opioid Crisis

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Betsy Rader knows personally the loss of a family member to substance abuse, and will work to ensure that fewer families have to suffer these losses

Betsy believes we must…

  • Invest in treatment and recovery programs for opioid addiction
  • Focus on preventing and containing the spread of opioids
  • Strengthen social services in our schools to help prevent addiction
  • Provide community mental health services
  • Hold accountable pharmaceutical companies that don’t have proper monitoring systems in place

The scourge of opioids across Ohio has broken apart families, torn up neighborhoods, and cost us too many loved ones. It’s important that Democrats, Republicans, and Independents at all levels of government–local, state, and federal–continue to work together to make addressing this crisis a top priority. This is not a partisan issue and we must all come together to solve it.

By treating opioid addiction as a mental health and medical crisis rather than just a legal one, we can compassionately deal with people who need help and begin to heal the wounds that narcotics have inflicted on families across the district and the state. We need to secure adequate funding for local treatment and recovery programs, including greater support for recovery housing. Law enforcement and first responders who are on the front lines in our communities need to have the resources they need to save lives and keep themselves safe. And it’s imperative that we protect the Medicaid expansion, which is helping Ohioans get the treatment that they need.

We have to tackle this public health crisis from all angles to ensure that we not only help those currently struggling with substance dependency, but strengthen our communities with resources aimed at prevention efforts so that we can ultimately curb this crisis, including expanding educational and support programs for young people.

For too long, big pharmaceutical companies have been profiting off of the opioid crisis, failing to put in place necessary monitoring systems that detect when their opioids are being unusually distributed. These companies’ failure to do their duty have exacerbated this crisis and we need to hold them accountable.

Betsy Rader knows personally the loss of a family member to substance abuse. She will work hard so that fewer families have to experience the loss of loved ones.

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