Our Environment and Energy Future

Our Environment and Energy Future

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Betsy is a longtime proponent for our community’s environment and parks, and will be a champion for green initiatives in Congress.

Betsy believes we must…

  • Protect our public resources — our clean air and water, green space and public health
  • Strengthen America’s energy independence with an emphasis on sustainable and renewable energy resources that will promote job growth in Northeast Ohio
  • Fight for expanded funding for innovative water infrastructure projects that improve drinking water and water quality in the Great Lakes region

Ohio’s natural resources are the underpinning for its success, from farming to manufacturing. And Ohio District 14 borders the very important resource of Lake Erie, which is a source of everything from drinking water to jobs to recreation.  This is why it’s critical that we take steps to preserve our natural resources for ourselves and for future generations to come. Ohio’s natural resources belong to all of us, and when the quality of our air, water, and lands are diminished, it’s important that we hold accountable those who are responsible. We must protect our public health, our safety, and the environment.

It’s important to think ahead and innovate in order to strengthen our economy and our security, and maintain clear air and water. America’s infrastructure consistently ranks among the worst of all developed countries and our nation’s electricity grids, energy pipelines, water systems, transportation infrastructure, and public buildings are all in need of upgrades. Investing in our our infrastructure and clean energy technologies, such as northeast Ohio’s offshore wind developments, and building better public transportation, will promote local jobs, energy independence and a clean energy economy.

We must restore the priorities of the Environmental Protection Agency to protect us and our environment. It’s critical that the EPA has the ability enforce policies such as of the Clean Air Act, Clean Water Act, Safe Drinking Water Act, and other longstanding and proven safeguards of our environment, public health, and safety.

Betsy, a Sierra Club member since 1986, has served in a number of leadership roles supporting the environment and good stewardship of the land.  As Vice Chair of the Russell Township Zoning Commission, she took a lead in designing new conservation zoning that allowed for more environmentally friendly housing development. On the Russell Citizens’ Park Commission and on the Board of the Geauga Park Foundation, Betsy worked to preserve and conserve green space in our community. She also led the creation of a “land lab” on land adjacent to the local Westwood Elementary School, partnering with the school system, volunteer parents, and the park system to develop walking trails and an outdoor educational program for the students.  




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