Ohio’s Economy and Jobs

Ohio’s Economy and Jobs

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As someone who has worked in the private sector, helping to build and grow local businesses, Betsy is committed to fighting to expand our economic opportunities and the availability of good-paying jobs.

Betsy believes we must…

  • Invest in a bold economic infrastructure plan and jobs training that will create quality jobs and bolster our communities
  • Strengthen organized labor and fight back against harmful anti-worker legislation
  • Enforce our anti-trust laws and appropriately limit market consolidation that raises prices and limits opportunities
  • Work to increase wages so that working people aren’t raising their families in poverty

America is a nation built on the backs of many hard-working people – laborers, small businesses, entrepreneurs, and family farmers. We have all experienced the effects of market consolidation: fewer airlines, fewer cable companies, fewer cell service providers, and big agriculture driving out small farmers. Local businesses have shuttered up when the national discount brand moves into town. We have seen how this leads to less customer service and higher prices, less desirable employment opportunities and a weakened local economy. Betsy has worked in locally owned small businesses, is a member of Rotary, and knows that local businesses are a vital and integral part of our communities’ fabric.

We must invest in the future of our economy. Congress should take the important step of making major public investments in infrastructure jobs to repair crumbling highways and bridges, and wire the country with high-speed Internet. Inaction and dysfunction in Congress have caused us to fall further behind and wait too long to make investments that could create jobs for hard-working people while addressing real needs in our communities.

Congress must also work to encourage both manufacturing and service jobs to stay in America. American workers can and do compete with the best in the world, but they are not playing on a level playing field when businesses move jobs to countries that don’t protect their workers or the environment. Congress should take strong measures to bring jobs back to America, incentivize companies who employ people rather than robots, and end unfair tax loopholes for companies shipping jobs overseas. Individuals and the government should focus on whether their purchases are “Made in America,” and be incentivized to buy goods and services that were produced by American workers.

As we move from dependence on fossil fuels, we must create opportunities for coal and oil workers to have access to retraining programs to help them to transition to good-paying clean energy jobs, in areas such as wind and solar energy.

Someone working full time should be able to afford the basics of life, and not have to raise their family in poverty. Congress passed our nation’s minimum wage laws almost 80 years ago but the minimum has not kept up with our economy.  The current rate of $7.25 an hour, which is only $15,080 per year, is not a living wage. Betsy believes that we should raise the federal minimum wage and index it for inflation so that workers stop falling behind. The entire economy rises when the lowest income earners are able to afford to participate in the marketplace.




Gene Sperling,
Fmr NEC Director





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