Affordable Healthcare

Affordable Healthcare

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Having worked in healthcare, including for the Cleveland Clinic and Medicare and Medicaid Services, Betsy knows how important it is to tackle the rising cost of healthcare.

Betsy believes we must…

  • Secure universal access to quality, affordable healthcare by giving everyone the option to buy into Medicare
  • Lower the cost of prescription drugs by cracking down on price gouging and allowing the government to negotiate prices
  • Keep protections for people with pre-existing conditions

A good healthcare system is fundamental to our nation’s future. Every American should have healthcare that they can reasonably afford, and no one should be one health emergency away from bankruptcy. Washington needs new people in leadership who will make it a top priority to improve on the Affordable Care Act and ensure that everyone has access to healthcare, no matter their income.

The cost of healthcare is simply far too high. One meaningful step we can take is to give people the option of buying into Medicare. This would give consumers a lower-cost alternative to private insurance, lower the cost of private insurance by creating more competition in the market, and improve the risk pool for Medicare.

We must also work to reduce the cost of prescription drugs–no one should ever have to decide between their medications and putting food on the table. Unfortunately, big pharmaceutical companies have made massive contributions to elected leaders who have looked the other way while these companies unfairly price gouge people in need. To begin addressing this problem, laws should be changed to allow the government to negotiate prices with pharmaceutical companies and prohibit “pay-for-delay” deals that keep generic drugs from entering the market. Congress should also create a consumer watchdog agency that can levy fines against pharmaceutical companies that inappropriately raise prices.

Betsy has worked as Senior Counsel of the Cleveland Clinic, completed graduate certification in Health Care Compliance, and worked at the Innovation Center for the Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services. She understands our complicated healthcare system and will put her extensive experience to use for Northeast Ohio to fight for every American to have affordable, quality health care.




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