Betsy Rader & David Pepper rally outside of Rep. Joyce’s office, demand debates

Thursday, October 18, 2018
Contact: Brexton Isaacs,

Betsy Rader & David Pepper rally outside of Rep. Joyce’s office, demand debates
Rader says that voters deserve access to their candidates and elected officials

Novelty, OH – On Thursday, Betsy Rader and David Pepper, Chairman of the Ohio Democratic Party, joined a group of around 50 voters to call on Congressman David Joyce to accept a challenge to debate ahead of the election on November 6th. (Video)

“We are here today to demand a simple thing, and that is that Dave Joyce have the courage to debate with Betsy Rader,” said Chairman David Pepper at the rally. “Gerrymandering has created an impression that you don’t even have to earn your re-election, you don’t even have to answer to the people, you don’t have to defend your record, and if you’ve voted against people’s healthcare time and time again, you don’t have the courage to explain why.”

“We were gathering in front of Dave Joyce’s office when they were trying to repeal the ACA…we all wanted our voices to be heard… All we wanted was for him to hear our stories, to listen to us, and to take us seriously. And he wouldn’t do that, wouldn’t even meet or hold a town hall…that’s when I became inspired to run for Congress.” said Betsy Rader, addressing the crowd. “You know what Dave Joyce would find out if he actually met with people, if he actually had town halls, if he went to people’s living rooms every night, like I do? That this is not about having a political ax to grind; this is about being a patriot, about believing in America, believing in the American dream, and believing that everyone in this country has the right to have a voice.”

(Video) Watch Rader and Pepper’s challenge to Joyce.

In late August, Betsy Rader sent letters to three of Congressman David Joyce’s offices, challenging him to at least 3 public debates–the letters have gone unresponded to. (Read the letter)

Betsy Rader has made accessibility to voters a key component of her promise to voters. In April, Rader took the Town Hall Pledge–a commitment to hold at least four public, in-person town halls each calendar year of her term in Congress. She joins voters in living rooms across the district almost every day and, has attended multiple town halls, including ones on the opioid crisis, rural issues, and school safety. Last month, Rader hosted town halls on healthcare affordability and government reform.

Congressman David Joyce has come under scrutiny repeatedly from constituents for refusing to hold or attend a public town hall during his term. Town Hall Project has labeled Congressman Joyce as a “Missing Member.”