Four weeks after debate challenge, no response from Joyce

Thursday, September 27, 2018
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Four weeks after debate challenge, no response from Joyce
Betsy Rader has made accessibility to voters a key component of her promise to voters

Novelty, OH – In late August, Betsy Rader mailed letters (pictured below) to three of Congressman David Joyce’s offices, challenging him to at least 3 public debates. Four weeks later, Rader’s challenge has gone unanswered.

“It is deeply disappointing that Congressman Joyce has declined to respond to my invitation to debate; people in our district deserve to hear from the two of us together in an open forum, discussing the issues they care most about, before the election this November,” said Betsy Rader on Joyce’s failure to respond to her initial debate invitation. “I join voters in living rooms nearly every day and I hear from Democrats, Independents, and Republicans alike who are frustrated by Congressman Joyce’s refusals to hold public forums with the people he’s supposed to be representing. If he’s going to continue to dodge his constituents, he shouldn’t be serving in Congress.”

Betsy Rader has made accessibility to voters a key component of her promise to voters. She joins voters in living rooms across the district almost every day and, has attended multiple town halls, including ones on the opioid crisis, rural issues, and school safety. This month, Rader hosted town halls on healthcare affordability and government reform.

Congressman David Joyce has come under scrutiny repeatedly from constituents for refusing to hold or attend a public town hall during his term.

Last week, Town Hall Project launched their “Do Your Job District” report, which highlighted 36 districts, including OH-14. In April, Betsy Rader took the Town Hall Pledge–a commitment to hold at least four public, in-person town halls each calendar year of her term in Congress. Town Hall Project has labeled Congressman Joyce as a “Missing Member.”


Betsy Rader’s Letter To Congressman David Joyce:

August 29, 2018

Dear Rep. David Joyce,

We used to live in the same township, and at one time we both worked for Geauga County, but last year when I joined fellow concerned constituents to talk with you about the upcoming health care votes, we were not able to meet with you or learn how you planned to vote on repealing the Affordable Care Act–which you had voted to dismantle dozens of times before. That experience contributed to my decision to run for Congress. Over the past year, I’ve had the opportunity to join thousands of voters from across our district in living rooms, town halls, backyards, and meetings to discuss what affects them most in their daily lives. It’s been an honor to hear about the hopes, dreams, and challenges that face the people of Northeast Ohio, and touching to see how much they appreciate the opportunity to be heard with respect.

Democrats, Independents, and Republicans may not always agree on every issue, but what brings them together is the desire to have a member of Congress who values them enough to show up, and who listens to them with respect. They want someone who speaks out for ordinary people and gives folks the chance to make their voices heard–that’s why, earlier this year, I took the town hall pledge. I know you’ve declined to hold or attend a public, in-person town hall, and I have to tell you that you’ve really missed out on the opportunity to meet some wonderful people who want a say in their government.

Throughout this campaign, I’ve been inspired by these people: the retiree who is going without his prescriptions because costs have skyrocketed; the widow and her daughter who have healthcare thanks to Medicaid; the farmer who’s concerned about the effects of tariffs; the student who walked to her Congressman’s office after school to talk about how to make her school safer, but was denied the chance to make her voice heard; the lifelong Republican voters who are concerned about what this administration is doing to our values and our international relations. People want you to hear their stories and stand up for them.

With just weeks remaining until Election Day, let’s give the voters of our district what we both know they deserve–open, public debates on the issues they care about most. So much is at stake in this campaign and voters need to have the opportunity to hear directly from the two of us, side by-side, discussing the policies that impact their lives.

Therefore, I’m inviting you to to join me for at least three debates, open to the public and local media.

I look forward to your response. Our team can be reached at XXX-XXX-XXXX.


Betsy Rader