Town Hall Project Calls out Rep. David Joyce for failing to hold a public Town Hall

Wednesday, September 26, 2018
Contact: Brexton Isaacs,

Town Hall Project Calls out Rep. David Joyce for failing to hold a public Town Hall
Betsy Rader has taken the Town Hall Pledge

Novelty, OH – Last week, Town Hall Project launched their “Do Your Job District” report, which highlighted 36 districts, including OH-14. In April, Betsy Rader took the Town Hall Pledge–a commitment to hold at least four public, in-person town halls each calendar year of her term in Congress. Town Hall Project has labeled Congressman Joyce as a “Missing Member.”

Betsy Rader has made accessibility to voters a key component of her campaign. She joins voters in living rooms across the district almost every day and, has attended multiple town halls, including ones on the opioid crisis, rural issues, and school safety. This month, Rader hosted town halls on healthcare affordability and government reform.

Congressman David Joyce has come under scrutiny repeatedly from constituents for refusing to hold or attend a public town hall during his term.

“One of the reasons I decided to run for Congress was because Rep. Joyce refused to hold a town hall to discuss his record of voting 31 times to repeal the Affordable Care Act, including protections for people with pre-existing conditions,” said Betsy Rader. “It’s important that our elected leaders are transparent, accessible, and responsive to their constituents–that’s why I signed the Town Hall Pledge. In Congress, I will always welcome open discussions with my constituents. I’ve learned so much from listening to people across our district and these town halls will make me a stronger voice for them in Washington. If Congressman Joyce doesn’t respect his constituents enough to listen to them in an open, interactive forum, he shouldn’t be in Congress.”

“Unlike Rep. Joyce, Betsy Rader has held and attended public, in-person Town Halls that are publicized well in advance and held at convenient hours when people are not working. Joyce’s last-minute announcements of inconvenient office hours, where people have to wait for hours to speak for 2 minutes each, are no substitute for a Town Hall,” said Brexton Isaacs, campaign manager for Betsy Rader.

“Across the country, we hear from citizens who expect their lawmakers to listen to their concerns,” said Jimmy Dahman, founder of Town Hall Project regarding the launch of the “Do You Job District” report. “This isn’t some arbitrary line we’ve drawn in the sand – the most basic expectation for a member of Congress is to meet with the people they represent, and these lawmakers couldn’t be bothered to do that even once over an entire term. Voters in these districts deserve to know that.”


Background District 14 “town hall” misses Rep. David Joyce (photos)
About 150 people gathered in Veterans Park on Painesville Square on Saturday morning for what they called a town hall meeting to raise issues with their congressman. As with many similar events across the country during the current recess, the congressman — Republican David Joyce of Russell Township — did not attend, but was represented by a life-size cardboard cutout. A bitter gust of wind knocked it over as the event started, and the crowd chanted “Where is Dave?”

Star Beacon: Congressional town hall set for Thursday at A-Tech
U.S. Republican Rep. David Joyce and his November opponent for the Ohio District 14 seat, Democrat Betsy Rader, were invited to attend and answer questions and hear concerns from rural residents moderated by a representative from the county League of Women Voters. Only Rader, however, is able to attend.

Star Beacon: Progressive voters meet on gun control in Jefferson
Mentor High freshman Elise Provident…and dozens of other area students and progressive-minded constituents voiced thoughts and concerns about gun control policy during a local March for Our Lives grassroots town hall Saturday afternoon at First United Congregational Church of Christ in Jefferson…Organizers invited Republican U.S. Rep. David Joyce and his Democratic opponent in the November mid-terms Betsy Rader, an employment attorney from Russell Township, to hear from voters. Joyce did not attend.

News-Herald: Betsy Rader to hold healthcare town hall at Kirtland Senior Center

The Democratic challenger for the U.S. House of Representatives 14th District seat is hosting a health care town hall Sept. 10 in Kirtland…At the event, congressional hopeful Betsy Rader, D-Russell Township, will “share her top priorities for making healthcare and prescription drugs more affordable” and hear from voters in the district, according to a news release from her campaign…Rader told The News-Herald that rallying in support of the Affordable Care Act outside of Joyce’s then-district office in Painesville is the moment she seriously considered running for congress.

MyTownNEO: U.S. House Ohio 14 hopeful Betsy Rader hosts Town Hall

Rader is the Democratic nominee for Congress and will share her priorities for making healthcare and prescription drugs more affordable…In April, Rader committed to conducting at least four public, in-person town halls each calendar year of her term in Congress.