How to Convert Your Old Router Into a Access Point

How to Convert Your Old Router Into a Access Point
How to Convert Your Old Router Into a Access Point

You Ask why you’d wish to accomplish that. Well both chief motives are, should you need more than four computers wired to your system, this generally means buying a network hub or a system change. Another explanation is to expand your wireless access choice, in case your single keeps falling out or you are out of scope of this router.

If you are considering expanding your wireless access range you’ll have to be certain you’ve got a long cable which can reach from where you want the old router to be found into the present location of the major router. This is only because the 2 routers are likely to hard wired together so the old router behaves like an access point instead than a router.

After You’ve figured out where you would like to set the router, you’ll need to link to it via wired or wireless link to modify the settings to make it utilized as an entry point. Whenever you’re on the router you’ll have to log on the router, the IP address for routers are not always exactly the same. This is 1 way you may locate your router IP, visit the windows open button then click , and then the text box pops up type inside”cmd” then click jog or press enter, and then the command prompt opens kind”ipcongfig /all” that will show you a listing of links made on your own PC.
Enter the IP address in your internet browser and you should see the login page to your router, in case you have not chosen a password on your router subsequently the most important username is”admin” and the key shared passwords will be”admin” or”password”, this ought to log you into if not you’ll need to discover the password for this sort of router.

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Once logged in to find The component of the router which has the choice to disable (in Control ) empower DHCP Server, this may let the router NOT to provide the computers attached to it IP address and will pass the computers link to another device, that is going to be the principal router which connects to the web and that router will provide the computer an IP address.

After The configurations have changed and stored reboot the router and then join the router to the major router which connects to the web, all you need to do is use one of those available Ethernet socket on the primary router and set it into one of the sockets on the router, I use socket 1 on either devices, so I do not mix up the links when inserted new computers into the system.

Now the router ought to be acting Up to six servers into the wired system and/or have long your So long because you’re able to disable the DHCP server in the router you’re likely To be utilizing as the entry stage.

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